Saturday, 6 August 2016

To the Virgin Sadist...

... meet a woman, of safe, sane and decent masochist tastes.

It doesn't really take much... many of them, doesn't really realize they need it either
They are a bit uncommon, but not all that rare that you can't met one in your city.

Know her, and let her know you. Don't be afraid... you've got nothing to lose, not really.

When she finally decide to play with you, let her know, always, of how proud you are that she has decided to  be with you.

At every new play you try, don't push her. Pull her... remember her that she doesn't need to pull it off, to earn your love.

Show her that you are proud of her just trying it, as long as she tries with all her heart.

After a while, you may discover that she has no real limits, so you'll have to be the one that pulls back, to avoid embarrassing - for both - afternoons in the local ER.

Too good to be true? It is good, and it can be true.

But it is not easy... when you say her that you are proud, you must mean it.

You must feel it. You must really love her... smart-assing and a sweet tongue will not be enough.

If you'll do it, if you'll be the guy that she needs, she will come through, above and beyond your expectations.

Is it too hard? Is it becoming a "servant" to your submissive partner's needs?

It is an objection that I heard, plenty of times.

Maybe it is a correct one, too.

Still, it beats fapping while concocting fantasies about kidnapping some girl and have your way with her.

You are just not going to do it, ever, so...

Forget it, and try to keep real, instead.

And thus written,  he boldly went and draw an armless Miyuki... Ta-Da-Da-Dam!

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