Thursday, 19 April 2018

A Tarot Card

It's hard to stand tall, with so many out to rape you.

It is not without misgivings that I used The Donald face - I usually stay away from politicians and other similar figures, in that they are temporary fixtures of our culture, destined to fade away.

Raise his hand who could recognize a cartoon of Henry Kissinger, nowadays...

But the Donald?

Even if he would manage to be impeached, he is the man that single-handedly terminated seventy years of "Pax Americana", and the tradition of U.S. " 'benevolent' rule" in the international arena (predicated and practiced on the base of US' own enlightened self-interest, of course, and only as benevolent as long as nobody was so daft as to pick a bunch of commies for government).

I think that there are quite some chances for him to become an iconic allegorical figure.

The very image of the angry, little, privileged white man, deaf to history and reality, more than willing to break the very social order that allowed it to keep afloat - just for the sake of shoring up the perception of his own "virility".

Story repeats itself - first as tragedy, then as farce, and finally then as burlesque.

No, not finally, because history never ends - sorry, F.F., you were wrong.