Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ladies of Pain, Pleasure and Grace.

Some people, mostly young guys that reach me through Hentai-Foundry, seems to think that, being a huge pervert with plenty of fetishes and all, I must enjoy talking about them in chat.
And they try to do so relatively often, writing at length in onanistic rapture about their preferred fetish. They bore me to tears.
Now, don't get me wrong, I am a huge pervert, but

I Don't Care About 90% of The Fetishes I Draw.

No, really. I'm not making the "moralist pornographer" speech. It's entirely another issue, a subtler one.
Still, I don't care for amputations, electrocution, body modification, eroguro, death play, pony-slaves, belly suspension etc...
So, why the fuck do I draw this stuff?

It's all about the Ladies!

Two ladies of mines


 - about the Ladies, and what I think is in their Minds.

It may be not all that apparent, but I draw most of my works to imagine a world populated by women - of any age - as much different as possible from the sanctimonious, self serving, sex-denying, egotistical bitches that shaped much of my life (up to date).

I like to imagine a world filled with women willing to endure unbelievable pains for their faith, their friends, the pleasure of their lovers, the dignity of their chaste etc.

Miyuki, from Hokkaido with Love

In a phrase, willing to suffer for something outside and beyond themselves, in truly selfless devotion.

Or, conversely, allowing themselves to be tortured just because pain itself gives them pleasure, and they are HONEST enough to admit they would die for their own pleasure. For that perfect, last, absolute orgasm.

I drawn my stuff trying to convince myself that these women - these very different kinds of women - really existed. That they were just out there, and it was simply a question of time and of searching hard enough to find one for myself.

For long years, mine was more mad hope than rational analysis. But they are really out there; only, they are a little sparser than what I thought.

Lately I'm chancy enough that, from time to time, I get in contact with one of them.
Usually, the Lady is an ocean away, she's mainly lesbian, she already has a partner, she has a (too much

Jade, subbing in Galizia

fuckable) daughter, a son etc... or all of these together.

But, these "small encounters" repay me a lot.
Time, luck, and looking for the right one and I will find her. Call me a "believer"; it took me time to become one.

So, when some 20's guy chats me and starts enumerating what he (rather often, the avatar character that's the protagonist of his oniric life) would do to this or that bitch, he loses me. Loses me at the third phrase.

I've been there... at that age, and grown out of it.
It's boring to death, dreaming revenge on "the bitches". Boring and self-defeating.

Even if someone was so idiotic to risk his freedom to do so, the world is so choke full of bitches, looking for poor sods to exploit in horribly devious ways, that one less wouldn't make it any less desolating.

So, I don't care for bitches... they are beneath my contempt.

I care for the ladies.

And in my works I'll always allow them to show, at their greatest personal cost - it would be meaningless otherwise - that they are, indeed, ladies.
Ladies of Pain, Pleasure and Grace.
My Ladies.

It's all about her, I swear


  1. I just found you through Hentaifoundry. That webside is no more than place for contest "who is bigger fetishist", more gore and violent the better, with some good art on it. Sad part is that there isn't so many people who would care about the ladies.
    Good slave is always happy slave. Lady that will care for Master/Mistress and herself. She should become somebody better with each day. (refer. to De-humanisation post) Of course it comes with pain and work, but she's so happy in the end. Slave in fact can be "more free" than everybody else.
    Now the funny part. I'm from Europe, dominant lesbian in her 20's with her sweet slave girl. Just as you wrote. :D I wish you luck.

    1. Thanks, I-i-v-a-r-i.

      Yes, a good slave with a non-abusive master is bound to be a happy person, even after enduring the most humiliating practice; And a good master will take care to make feel her proud, for the effort that she put in her service.

      It is incredible that so many have trouble with these concepts, not only in HF.

      But, for many years, I was one of them, and I remember how it was - believing that no woman could ever enjoy "the game", and thus making me feel hopeless. It was crap, and it made me really hate women.

      Luckily, it was also false - not so numerous as I wish, but there are women who enjoy, even crave and need this type of play.
      Understanding this changed my world.

      But, as I see, I remember... ad many of the HF viewers seems to me to still be in that valley of shadows, yet to find a way out. Mine had an Italian name that started with E. (Good Luck, my fair lady.)


      Hahaha... "Quod Erat Demonstrandum", if I meet a sympathetic woman, she is domme, lesbian and lives half a continent away :D

      Oh, well, I shall prevail over the forces of statistics - it is just a question of time.


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