Monday, 5 October 2015

How it started...

Once upon a time, there was a this guy.

He wasn't a genius, and his dream was to be some kind of electro-technician, or a mechanic, and build small robots.

Or machines... or aircrafts.

Anything that moved, really.

Unfortunately, one day he discovered that he could draw women... and it was the end, for him.

Gone were the dreams of building a "Gundam".

He started obsessively doodling nakedness on paper.

He didn't only that, he sometimes tried to actually make comics, but his stories where almost uniformly sad.

Beyond pretentiousness
How shitty I was

And he wasn't all that good (I know, it looks nice... but it wasn't nice enough).

So he went on, doing his day job,and scrounging horrible drawings at night...

From time to time, he made some logos, but the hope of ever drawing things he cared for was waning.

His day job sucked (nice colleagues, but the pay was a bit low - 18K a year for a computer engineer, living in Milan), and he came to the conclusion that nothing he could do mattered at all. To anybody.

He left his last comic unfinished, and stopped drawing altogether for a long while.

He moved away, to a new country, but things didn't really improve.

They didn't  improve, until he draw these:

The Jade Rose, Yellow Tube Portrait
The Jade Rose, in Red


The model liked them, I liked them, and I had used a new nom de plume...

 And thus, DaBotz was born.


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