Monday, 28 March 2016

Genes and Memes and...

Below, the genes and their egoism are the basic fact of life, then the differences between male and female and their "biological imperatives", establishing the two poles among which human societies oscillate.

The structured society is the embodiment of female needs for stability, and of a prosperous environment in which to bring up children.

All the while, it is subtly emasculating the males in it, the more stable and structured it becomes,

The all conquering barbarian horde is the incarnation of the male need to spread one's own genes no matter what, by raping everything that moves - preferably in a fertile age, 13-23 - and pillaging the rest
A social make-up structurally unable to preserve any accumulated wealth, to foster and maintain the kind of wealth-creating enterprises and network of services that is the province of structured society.

Above, we find the "memes" - as egoist as genes, but made by ideals and other contagious ideas; religions, democracy as an exportable value, communism... each meme trying to exploit the most his population of more or less willing carriers - a summer pop song's infected may be willing, most of the believers of any of the faiths on the planets have been grown into their religion - and, in many cases, denying the value of the single believer, subordinating it to his contribution to the spread of the Idea (be the idea the nationalist supremacy of the U.S.A., the greatness of Islamic Caliphate, or be it evangelical proselytism, it doesn't really matter: apart summer pop songs, all of them ask their believers to commit a disproportionate amount of energy, up to an included their very life, in order to spread The Word all over the world).

What is below sometimes manages to forge its own memes, in order to further its goals at the cultural level.

So the needs of the genes gets reflected in the memes of the family, of lineage, sexual monogamy as honour bound to sexual conduct,  and all the rest of that crop of stupid ideas, the biological female imperative brings forth the Roman "dura lex, sed lex" and the male ones, the concept that "right resides in strength".

We poor schmucks fall in the middle of all these competing levels of semi-alive stuff, all of which are fighting for supremacy.

And we are supposed to accept that each and any of these crappy, crappy, crappy things - from the family chains to the extended tribe called state, to the stratified fantasy that are mythologies and religions  - are more important than us, that have precedence on our personal needs and desires.

I look at this, as dispassionate as I can, and I say:

                              Kiss my ass.

And I am already being too polite.

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