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In the name of Noxon (part 4)

Fourth part of "In the name of Noxon"- it is still, largely, world-building

The Great Ziggurat of Sassa
The ziggurat, with its 180 meters of height, has been for nearly three millennia the tallest building on the great Frakka Lake. In the last five hundred years, though, its size ha been greatly surpassed by that of most buildings surrounding it. Contrarily to other Churches on the planet, though, the Church of Noxon the Lord of Nothing didn't see it as a problem and did not embark in any replacement project for the ancient monument.

Famously, Officiant Adlena Marritt, the 247th Ruler of the Dice, observed that "If the 'god' asks us to double the offers dispatched at every rite, we may think about building a new one - as things stands, it is more than enough for the Church's needs".

The ziggurat survived, among other things, the 7.3 magnitudes earthquake of 5372 a.c., that virtually levelled the town, and the continuous changes of the lake's water level. As most ancient ziggurats, the officiants arrive to the base of the Great Stairways in a canoe convoy, over the calm waters of the inner gulf of Sassa.

As a concession to modernity, a walking bridge connects now the artificial island to the mainland, to allow access to viewers and auxiliary personnel.

For obvious reasons, flats that allow direct view of the playing cube command healthy overprices. 

As I told before, they reunited all of us in a great hall, for what could be called the neo-Officiant's graduation ceremony.

In reality, it was also the last point where we could effortlessly decide whether we were going to be officiants or not.

All of the girls from small towns, isolated islands and other Noxon-forsaken places, like our very home, stayed. Many if not most  of the ones arriving from capital cities, like Sassa itself,  left their place.

I didn't know it, at the time, but vocations were already diminishing, even though the expansion of the world population more than hid it. Near the end of my service career, when it became evident that not only the new generations were restive to engage with the service of the 'god', but also that were born in far lesser numbers,  a tipping point would be reached. A complete overhaul of the recruitment system became necessary, to keep the minimum number of officiants required by the 'god', which gave us the modern model.

 At this point, it was time for us to be divided and sent, each, to one of the fourteen Noxon Houses in the world. As virtually any other thing in the life of an officiant, the destination was chosen casually, throwing a twenty faces' dice in this case (the dices had void spots, but Noxon was not so ready to correct mistakes - void choices implied re-throws. When, every four years, an officiant may request to be moved to another place - the destination is chosen, again, by the 'god', and can be a "stay".

The place that the 'god' chose for me was Fraglbar, almost on the other side of the planet, in the warmer zone of Quijia. I was surprised to discover that one of the girls from our valley was going there with me, Cezanne Gogh, though she was an "extra" - given her young age, she was not counted as a full officiant yet, as it would be allowed her to drop out without repercussion till her 22th birthday.

The 'god' had really wanted her in Fraglbar, as it is routine to re-draw the dice, when the draft for your destination already contains one of your selection companions - the 'god' seldom interfere with hazard, in this phase, but it is known to do so. Cezanne was drafted for Fraglbar, three times in a row.
We were scheduled to depart after the next Rites, so I we finally had way to see a Walk Up from near, from the very sides of the central stair of the Ziggurat.

Being there, I discovered something that I had, before, only vaguely suspected - being part of the Rites excite me.

Sexually, I mean.

Seeing that companion reaching toward the peak of the woman-made hill, her arms crossed behind her back in a reverse prayer, her light vest fluctuating in the slow wind hilighting her body, the thought of what was going to happen to her in the next few hours, the very though that in some few months I would have climbed a set of similar steps, bound in a similar way... it was incredibly exciting.

Waiting for the passage of our companions, I felt something wet sliding down, between my legs. It is, of course, expected, which is one reason the dresses of the women on the aisles are designed with long gowns opened on the sides, up to the waist line..

Like many other on those stairs, I soon slipped a hand inside my robe and started masturbating, reaching an orgasm well before the Officiant arrived at my height, and another one soon after, when she passed my place and I could fully appreciate the flexibility of her arms' joints, and of a  bondage position maintained only through an effort of will.

I didn't know that, even among the  service, only a handful of women reach those levels of pliability, through a thorough training that is, itself, considered a rite (rite 0044) - so the thought that, some day, I would have been able to do exactly the same as that woman, came to me quite naturally and most na├»vely.

While the physical conditioning that is part of The Service improved me much in the following few months, I would never became so good to be placed in full contortionist training.

When we were back into our lodgings, I was still so horny that I continued what I had to interrupt, to vacate the Long Walk path. I forgot to close the door of my room, and I suddenly felt someone staring at me - she was Cezanne, that had come to discuss our travel arrangements for the day after.

She looked very... deep, all of a sudden - not just a little sullen, like the girl in a personal crisis that I knew she was, but as someone that knew well what I was going through.

-  "You really thought that you were going through this, because of your faith and the social perks of the role?"I must have nodded, because suddenly she was in front of me, looking in my eyes and  - I saw - very excited by how sort-breathed the spectacle of The Walk had left me.

She reached my breast with her left hand squeezed hard - I was surprised, horny, and the situation had developed in a way that, suddenly, I felt that I had no control over it, or myself.

I came then and there and she smiled, seeing my post-orgasmic face lost in the haze.

Then she kissed me, and hugged with a strength that I did not suspect. She was training as an acrobat since she was a child, under her mother - herself a Circus-woman that had decided to stick to our valley for the love of Cezanne's womb-mother.

She tumbled me, that at that time was still heavier if not bustier, as if I were a doll - all strength had left me. I had entered a mind-state of absolute tranquillity and the force that she was displaying deeply reassured me. I felt dominated, for the first time in my life, and it was glorious.

I was on the bed, on my back, and she almost ripped my gown away, and then her own. It was the first time that I really saw her move in tension - she was tall, willowy and lean, so I always assumed that she was kind of a melancholic girl of slow movements and barely masked sadnesses. She was not - under her skin, the muscles danced with a fervour that I never suspected. She reached behind my back with her left arm, to lock me in her grip, then went on my right nipple with her mouth, while her right hand locked on my nipple with the force of a carpenter clamp.

- " Granny, are you going to keep describing us a steamy scene of sex between you and Aunt Cezanne?"

Keridha interrupts me , right when I was starting to... get excited? She is not the only kid that looks overly sceptical, in my audience.

- "I thought that it would make a nice change of pace, after all my blabber on things."

Keridha scrolls her head, like I was a lost case.

- "Granny, we live in Internet times... we all have all the porn we care for, didn't you know?"

The kid is not completely wrong, I know... back at their age, I did not have access to all the crap these girls have to filter out every day.

It is somewhat humbling, in a way - they had to sort out things that it took me years, to know that the even existed. And I usually got to know those things only because the dice went sideways.

- "Also, Auntie  tells the sex parts better."

- "Better? What do you mean?"

- "For starter, she avoids remembering us when it is you, the girl that she was banging... so, we can picture her as a young girl doing us. If you put your face and her face on the protagonists, we end up imagining you and her as you are now"

"Gross" - it is Mika, the first to comment the idea, opening a round of "Awful", "Disgusting", "Old folks having sex, eewww" from the other girls.

- "But you know that she was almost monogamous, no?"

- "Some things are best kept forgotten, granny."

- "For starter, and for first dish?"

- "Auntie tells sex stuff with a lot more 'Oomph!' "

- "'Oomph? really?"

- "Really."

Damn kids... I will get all of them into Noxon's Service, so they will learn the terrible price for ass-pulling grannies.

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