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NCS- Non Consensual Story, part 5

This is a work of fiction.

Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or real events is purely coincidental and not desired by the author.

Fifth part of
NCS - Non Consensual Story , after parts 2 , 3  and 4

Now our "genius" has come by another victim, that he abducted a bit more bluntly and, probably, leaving around quite a bit of clues that any competent detective would be able to follow.

However, this is a story on the part of the evil guy.... kind of... so, he will escape the swift punishment of the justice. 

Also, who are we ass-pulling? Someone disappearing in an European country, where people does not really move that much or all of a sudden, would maybe make some wave. Maybe.

In a country like the U.S.A., where everybody is always on the move?Dare I say that, unless someone saw the abduction, it is very improbable that the police would invest its very limited resources to solve a disappearance.    

Which is why, for this and serial killing, the USA are better (but less a good place than some African countries, if one is a friend of a local dictator).

Mary Anne awoke slowly, with still a tremendous tiredness over her - she had slept half a day, but the after effects of the almost excessive dose of sedative would take some more hours to fade off.

The first thing that she realized, she was naked, on a bed with no blankets - only  a mattress and a pillow, under her head.

Her cats were with her, or more precisely, over her, trying to get some reassurance from their owner. As most cats, they did not enjoy the change of scenery.  They wanted their home almost as much as Mary Anne.

There were leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles, with iron attachment rings, and an odd, rigid collar at her neck. The cuffs had locks, and seemed very sturdy. However, it was clear that they were designed so that she could not use them as weapons.

A sheet of paper was on the low bedside table, on the right. She took it, and started to read,

 I  communicate thee that, from now on, thou shall be known as Slave 2, or, shortened, S-2.

You will refer to me, your captor, as "Master" - with actual deference.

Every attempt on S-2's part to use her former human name, or to scorn or mock the Master, will result in harsh beatings, nipples burnt by means of cigarettes or a solder iron, kicks against S-2's groin- clitoris, skewering of S-2's tits with a roasting spike, enemas with acetic acid or near-boiling water etc.

Essentially, whatever painful and humiliating thing may cross the Master's mind in that moment.

S-2's first purpose, apart serving the Master sexually in any way He may require of her, up to and included withstanding the aforementioned ,sexualized tortures, is to care for and keep in an usable shape Slave 1, that will be introduced to S-2  and for whose well-and-bad-being S-2  will be held responsible.

To impede S-2 to misbehave, the Master took the liberty of placing a geographical limiter on S-2 body, in the form of an explosive collar.

If S-2 tries to open said collar, its explosive charge will tear S-2's neck apart.

If S-2 moves beyond the range of the keep-alive-transmitter placed at the centre of the house, the collar will explode.

If S-2 allows the collar's battery charge to go below a minimal level, the collar will explode.

In effect, there are a number of scenarios that would detonate the collar beyond its designed purpose, such as a complete loss of electricity, in the house, that went beyond the duration of the collar charge.

In the impossibility of recharging it, the collar will finally explode.

The Master does not know of any means to remove said collar, as He purposely ignored the need of such an action during its design.

As a result, S-2 is suggested to respect religiously the charging times of the collar, and never leave it below 50% charge - at the same time, overcharging will damage the battery, potentially setting the battery on fire and-or activating the low-charge explosive

Overrcharging the battery will hasten its demise and, opening the collar not being possible, shorten S-2's life expectancy.

However, not being really a specialist in IED or bomb disposal, The Master may be wrong and there may be ways to remove the collar, without killing S-2.

It is, therefore, in the best interests of S-2 to survive as long as possible, given the very high possibility that Law Enforcement Organizations may identify and arrest the Master, him not being an "Evil genius" but rather a pretty normal person.

I have no inherent reasons to harm S-2, and therefore it is possible for her to delay her demise until such a moment as an FBI incursion, or other LEO discovering the presence of prisoners in this compound.

S-2 survival and, consequently, chances of re-acquire her freedom, though, are contingent on level of help and dedication that she will provide in the handling of the Master's primary objective, the utter destruction of S-1, up to and including executing the small surgical procedures that the Master may decide to perform on S-1. Every such procedure that S-2 would refuse to perform, would  be performed by the Master on S-2 itself.

If S-2 does not intend to collaborate in the physical and mental breaking of S-1, she is hereby suggested to remove her collar, and die in the resulting explosion.

It would be a highly ethical decision, that would delay the fate of S-1 for the two weeks that would require the Master to locate a suitable substitute for S-2.

The video of S-2 death, and the vision of her corpse, will probably be very powerful incentives in convincing her successor, S-3, to behave accordingly to the Master's wishes.

My best regards,

your master, The Master


Mary Anne Ossowiecki  re-read the delirious message thrice, but she could hardly believe it.
This kind of stuff happened only in TV, or the movies, not in real life.

She started petting her cats, who purred happy under her  hands, and tried to think at the situation.
How good was this guy? Could she force the stupid collar open? Would it really explode, as he wrote?
Was her abductor really a he? She tended to think so, that kind of arrogance was pretty male, in her experience.

Was the collar really that dangerous? She could not tell. Her fist impulse was to rip the damn thing away, then she saw the camera, on the other side of the room.

Was he making a video of her death, just in case? Really? To show it to his next prisoner, along with her body? In other words, her death was already contemplated, in his plans?

The thought chilled her soul  to its very core.

As always when he felt that his owner was down, the big Maine Coon came for her laps, asking to be petted - his mode of cheering her up.

She soon started sobbing, while gently stroking the cat's hairs.

The room was completely void, apart the bed and the plastic dishes with water and the cats' food.

There were no light switches and just a small hole, high on a wall, that was probably there for aeration.

She throwed out the pllow and the mattress, looking at the bed for anything she could use against her captor.

She discovered, with horror, that it was not really a bed.

At least, not like any she ever saw in her life.

There were no pieces screwed together, or sockets... it was a frame of soldered iron, with crossed hiron bars acting as the pillow support.

Everything was soldered, no moving pieces of any kind, and the bed itself was screwed to the floor, with one-inch thick bolts.

She doubted that A CAR would be strong enough to break anything out of that monstrosity.

If she could  break one of the bars away, it would be a nice weapon... breaking anything with her bare hands, though, was clearly out of question.

She really had no hope. Also, she had to recognize that, in that void space, she could not hide anything either.

Whatever she did, the camera - not, cameras, there was another one on the opposite corner of the room - would capture it. 

In this situation, she could hardly hope to take her captor by surprise, if the man was not a complete idiot.

Some hours after,  maybe six , maybe twelve, she heard someone trying to open her cell's door.

She readied Kitty, the most aggressive of her two cats, to use as a weapon - the poor animal could not understand what was happening, and became even more nervous.

The guy that entered the room was dressed for business... he had an helmet, with a Lexan transparent shield, a padded armour and a truncheon.

She realized that he cold beat her to a pulp, while little of what she could do would have any effect on him.

He looked  at her - he really didn't seem very terrible, gear apart.

He gave her first orders

"Turn around, join your wrists behind your back."

She launched the cat instead, that scratched uselessly the man's helmet, and she jumped forward. He hit her on the head with the truncheon, and she lose consciousness.

Josh  stopped trembling - he didn't expect that move with the cat. He didn't expect any resistance, really.

But this bitch was bigger and stronger than S-1, although not by much. She could have won over him - Josh had no great illusions on his physical strength.

Then, she would have run away, and died when he collar would have exploded, a hundred meters from home, three hundred meters before reaching the nearest road. 

The cats had been a tactical asset for her, he realized - he should have gotten rid of them from the beginning.

The scramble had been enough that the stupid animals had run away and, now, they were probably hidden somewhere in the underground bunker, if they did not go in the house, through the tunnel that connected the two units.

He checked S-2 - she was still alive, for now.

With a mild concussion, probably... she could still die, if he had procured her an internal haemorrhage.  The thought struck him - it would have been such a waste. He still would need a nurse, and he would have no video to show to the new one, to prove the effectiveness of the explosive collar.

She turned her on her side, and locked her wrists together on her back, with a padlock. Then, he decided a slight change of plan, and locked her ankles together, too.

He felt tired, now, so he laid down, waiting for his heart to slow its pace, and his vision to stop being blurry - he didn't expect to experience so much emotion, either.

In his mind, she would have recognized her situation as desperate and break down on her own, and she would be as pliable as... - something pliable - when he appeared.

He suddenly doubted that he had chosen well... but, then, none of the nurse he had scooped looked like being, really, any remissive.

Having to do - day by day - with people in overdose, dying, high on PCP, smashed limbs, stabbings etc. seemed to act as a much more powerful guts-hardener than sittingbat a desk writing failed-romance stories.

"As long as I do not give her any way to  kill me, I should be fine" - the thought, not very master-y, crossed his mind.

It meant
double check the number of any metallic implement he may be forced to hand her over, and every cord-like item.

adding some dead-man switch to the geometry of the situation, like - if he didn't enter a code every X hours, the transmitter that kept the collar from going off would shut down.

Yes... he should have thought that before.

First, check that she is not dead.

Second, when she is back on her feet, showing her the explosion of one of the collars ( he had built four of the things, in the end).

Knock her out, with anesthetics, this time.

Get his hand on some pieces and modify the stupid transmitter.

Only then, he could risk giving her a little more space, an even then, only as little as needed.


Josh lingered, for a while, on the thought of simply killing the two, burying the damn place and forget all of it.

But, he had already raked in two or three life sentences... so, it was late for that. He should try to enjoy the ride to its fullest.

He looked at his new captive,,, he did not realize that she had a nice ass, before.

He changed her position, unzipped his trousers, and started pounding the unconscious woman.

 Ah, this was far better...

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