Sunday, 2 July 2017

A Bad Day

Some days, and this is one of them, I feel like nobody cares for the stuff that I draw - and ideas of converting GPL eighteen-wheelers in thermobaric bombs siege my poor brain.

My fault, as I do stuff that caters to a most reductive portion of the viewers - but, drawing fan-art of famous characters? or Yaoi? That's even worse than crap.

Maybe, it is just that I am not that good.

Who cares? Not even me - I'll draw my crap nonetheless.

And if watching my stuff damages you, if it makes even less likely that you go out and find a woman, if helps you confining yourself in your home, if it fosters that rage in your chest against this shitty system you have no choice but to live in,


I really, really, really hate your guts, pal.


  1. Usually, I see your work on hentai foundry, but I like this one quite a bit. And it's been a few months, but I must have missed it there. I'd remember.

    Damaged. I doubt it. You seem very much the philosopher, and your works often strike me that way too. Erotic, over the top, far beyond what's real. But I'd swear there's something meditative underneath. Bah, you probably think I'm a loon.

    I enjoy reading your blog. You tell good tales. Real and not. That's important. The internet seems infested with truly frightening folk who are very bad at knowing the difference.

    1. On Hentai-Foundry, I keep only the last 100 works.

      This is pretty old, so chances are that I had taken it down before you had any way to see it.

      Philosopher... that's maybe too much.

      But if my life had been different, I would have tried to be a cultural anthropologist.

      There are so many jarringly "random" elements in our culture - things that we take for granted or are untouchable taboos - that could do with a good dissection and analysis...

      Thanks for commenting, "anonymous" - as you can see, it doesn't happen so often to receive feedback. It is very nice to receive some.


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