Thursday, 24 May 2018

It is kind of a bad period, for me.

As it says on the tin - these last few weeks, I have been constantly angry, when not depressed or both things at once.

In the pauses, I just cry.

The old joke about getting rich, to buy enough Russian nuclear waste to build a dirty bomb and turn my home-town in a radioactive wasteland for a decade or so, feels much more appealing these days... as a life project.

OK, OK, I know - I won't ever do that.

I am not that.

At the same time, I see the alt-right ass-holes, the Islamic fundamentalist, the neo-fascists and all the other idiots trying to piss against the wind of history and I feel that I get why they do the shit that they do.

Mark my words - it is and will forever be pretty useless in the long run, or worse damaging, but I get why they do it.

In the worse case scenario, they'll manage to snug some power, make a mess of some pretty ugly kind (let's hope, not as ugly as WWII) which will only manage to accelerate the transition to a post-males society that I fear is inevitable.

Fear, or hope - because, if I am right, the inevitable evolution of modern society toward a massively concentrated, hyper-specialized structure will dole higher and higher stresses on the human male, for ever-shrinking rewards.

As I wrote somewhere in this blog, I think that the all-conquering, all-destroying, all-raping and everything-pillaging barbarian horde is the embodiment of the "male biologic imperative" as it can be seen by young, testosterone-filled men.

On the other hand, modern society tends - by necessity - more and more toward a hive-like structure that has little to no relationships with young men core drives (but rewards handsomely the old ones in positions of power... a pity that they can't get the young trouble ones to die in droves during wars, like it was done in the old days, without risking to wipe away the whole shebang).

By the way, here is where the white supremacists and the ISIS idiots delude themselves.

They believe that the evolution of society[ies] toward more inclusive practices is the product of some ideological cabal luring the masses away from a supposedly more moral, older set of ideals and values.

Alas, the reason is probably a much more pragmatic one - nowadays, economy rides on applied talents, and on the occasional moment of brilliance that produces a process improvement, or an entirely new product.

As talent is casually distributed, and the capacity to have a brand new idea probably even more so, the "traditional" society is really one that throws away half - or more - of the goods.

If this is accepted as true(1), then the inevitability of the process toward the post-maleness is total- at best, it can be delayed, and by not much either.

At worst, it can be precipitated, by showing how much of the still existing vantages enjoyed by men are more a feature of cultural inertia than anything worth keeping.

(1) Even giving for sure that men and women have different brain architectures, these seems to matter very little on intelligence and may at most tweak inclinations one direction or the other; As far as ethnic differences go, inter-ethnic genetic difference is actually much less than internal groups variability - ethnicity is little more than culture and maybe a bit of melanin, the first being enormously more significant than the second. So, ideas just pop up in whomever they want, and society needs them.  

Note: I realize that I am not particularly original... much of the same can be found in Aldous Huxley "Brave New World" and in his successive collection of essays, "Return To Brave New World" - which was even more male-oriented than this little piece of mines.


  1. "At the same time, I see the alt-right ass-holes, the Islamic fundamentalist, the neo-fascists and all the other idiots trying to piss against the wind of history and I feel that I get why they do the shit that they do."

    I can get why they have the *impulse* to do the shit they do, but as to why they actually *do* it, as opposed to saying "No, that'd be wrong"... all I can see is that they're utterly selfish and self-centered assholes whose philosophy of life is "Is it feels good, do it, no matter what effect it has on other people."

    In other words, they're evil. (Or just six years old, like Donald Trump. Or both.)

    1. They simply lack empathy (i.e. are psychopaths, of the dumb kind) or have been taught to ignore it ("sociopaths", not all self-made).

      In that, they are not different from many of the persons employed at the middle management levels throughout the whole of society.

      Do you think that an insurance accountant that denies cover for a second round of cancer treatment to a 35 years old mother of two is really that much different? (And yes, it must have happened at least once today, in the U.S.)

      What's different is that this one is likelier to receive a bonus from his chiefs for his performance, and not a bullet in the head, at the end of the year.


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