Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The conquest of Afrika

There are plenty of ways to scam Africans out of their resources, without bother living there more than a week  at each time.

The modern history of Africa, ever since the last colony got independent, clearly shows it.

In some cases, revolutions, counter-revolutions and civil wars only led to a string of cleptocrats - those who rules by thieving -  that managed to bring the living standards, for the general population, well below the colonization period have only contributed to a cheaper access to a region's natural resources.

(Someone would also say that copying the XVI century Spain and exiling almost all of their middle class and professinal figures, being them white imperialist, probably didn't help those countries any more that chasing away their "moriscos" and their Jews helped Spain becoming a modern country...  )

There was really just one giant fringe benefit, in racist colonialism...

You could be a hopeless ass from a middle of nowhere city in Europe, and get away with doing something like that.

(OK, this is a bad, bad, bad, very bad joke, and an even worse truth)

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