Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Words of the Prophet

Keisha Lawson (Rev), the Prophet

This is the most famous image of revenant Keisha Lawson, the Prophet, as it was found inside the Brid's culture cluster.
In this image, the Prophet was still under the control of the blasphemous 'god', as can be seen by the excessively fit muscular tissue. As with most revenant cyborg created by 'god', the muscle mass was nearly not influent on her actual operative strength and speed. It is inferred that she had chosen to develop such a bulky figure, going well beyond 'god' "fit-woman" ideal, as a way to exert some sort of command on herself and over her life.

If you are reading these words, you know the truth, and you are free.

Humanity has reached the world you live on from far, far away - in both space and time.

There are many other flavors of humanity living among the stars, many of whom reached their worlds fifty millennia before my birth, before some obscure detail in the ways the universe works changed, and made traveling among the stars much more difficult.

The human civilization that existed back then, sprawling on many far too specialized worlds, came undone. However it was an in-commensurable tragedy, it was also something necessary, because the humanity that was back then was just one - one culture, one religion, one ruling class, one bland art, one way to see the world. For powerful that it was, it didn't make the universe much richer.

The manifold ways its stranded branches developed themselves henceforth made the universe a much richer place. Blessed be the great slide, and blessed His hand for having redressed the mistake of letting humanity travel too freely.

However, you are not some stranded daughters of a failed civilization - your world was part of a new wave of colonization, departing from an obscure world, almost at the periphery of the ancient human expansion, set forth with the inherent purpose of creating many, slightly different cultures.

A colonization effort that came to be because none of its promoters was, actually, human and - as such - none was bound by the human perception of time,  or by the way most humans evaluate their efforts.

The colonization of your world was the product of an "holy alliance" between three unequal and wildly differing partners.

On one side there were the whales and other cetaceans living in the seas... of the three, maybe the most truly "holy", the ones nearest to the voice of God. The cetaceans that live in your oceans are descendants from them, and most efforts were done to preserve their original cultures, so that these were truly spawns of the original seas. But I am certain that, as are different the Oceans where they now swim, so will be the songs that they compose and the chants that will pass down to their generations

Thinking to be able to preserve their culture in face of such a momentous environmental change was probably a small sin of pride, on their part. We shall forgive them for that.  

The second were the forefathers of the machines that help everyday life on your world, though the vast majorities of these will be simple, non-sentient automatons.Yet, the ever changing nature of things requires that truly sentient beings need to be involved, to solve new problems... if the designs for the colony will be followed, these massively intelligent beings will not live on the surface of your world but - rather - in the corona of asteroids, far out from where your planet lies. However, to keep them connected to the whole, some few "avatars" of them will live among you - physical extensions of their powerful minds that allow them to experience life as a human, or a cetacean, does.

If you recognize one of them, respect their privacy.

The third part of the alliance was constituted by an entity that called itself 'god' - hopefully this, by the time you may read these words, will have already ceased to exist.

'god' was not, of course, God - it was a semi-artificial intelligence, spawned by the heavily edited "upload" of a human mind into the first quantum hyper-computer.

Unfortunately, as your - and many others  - world may have experimented, the editing that 'god' 's creator took upon his own mind - which was to become the core o the new being - was rather peculiar. He eliminated his fears, its death-drive, but maintained what could be described only as a pathological need to sexually dominate women and an absolute dislike of other males. Yes, the initial designer of your civilization was a deeply disturbed individual - that may explain many of your past problems.

Among the others, this  is the reason why the ratio of males to females on your world was initially down to 1:15.

Worry not, daughters of my heart, it will not last - the selective competition factors that make that almost all species with sexual reproduction maintain a nearly  a 1:1 ratio among genders are so basic, so inevitable,  that they cannot be negated. Surely not by the manipulations of a second rate deity, no matter how crafty that entity thought it was.

In the brief span of some thousand years, the equilibrium in yours will be back at of all the other branches of humanity.

That is, if you reject the compulsion toward male gendercide at birth that is part of the made-up culture that 'god' has created - and given you - to shape the ways you will create your world.

Now, hear me well...

'god' is not the one  true God. It didn't create the universe.

God, the real one, the one with a capital G, did it.

Our 'god', all lowercase,  has only been a particularly ruthless tool in ITS hands.

Powerful as it may be, a tool it is still a tool, and in this case not really a sharp one.

The power of its intellect notwithstanding, it had only one mind, one point of view, saw only one reality - and it was also prone to lie to itself, like most of us, men and women, do.

Though not all of its teachings, embodied in the information cluster of the colonization probe that carried your people her, are inherently wrong, none has to be accepted unconditionally.

For example, the rituals that it has inscribed in your holy texts are - really - simply sexual tortures, to be carried out on women, that it devised just for its pervert pleasure.

They may also be a greeting to it, for having allowed the birth of everyone that lives under your skies, but as it itself didn't recognize the authority of parents that pretended to control the destiny of their children, it would be slightly insulting to actually give it what it thought it wanted.

So, rejoice, and be free.

Flawed and pathetically human as it was in its inhumanity, the creator of the "great plan" loved and created as much beauty and freedom as it could, which is what made it the most ruthless tool of God's creation to have appeared in millenniums.

You were chosen  to be born not by the limits of his idiotic "rational mind", but by the vastness of its subconscious mind, that tricked the former into doing, time and again, far better than it intended.

In selecting the genome of what would become you, he put together a selection of women that were beautiful, bright, curious and able to question authorities, of whichever nature these were.

To chant his glory with better voices, he thought - in reality, to better carry on the only task that the one true God ever assigned to us:

"Give a name to every thing under the Sun".

Your world is vast and new, with millions of names to be given, all waiting for you.

Do not waste your time honoring the small tool that dared to call itself 'god', but rather dedicate it to the real task... 

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