Monday, 16 October 2017

Can Trump survive Trump?

Or rather, can the "Trump Brand", of whom the Donald is awfully proud, survive the "Trump Administration" clear display of mismanagement, infighting and borderline treachery?

After having seen the managerial style of the Man in action, his almost pathological incapability of looking at a deal without seeing it only as a shackle to cheating out of if in any way hinders him, would you buy an house built by one of his similarly lead enterprises?

After knowing that his enterprises had 3500 litigations opened by contractors for not paying - usually citing badly executed works as a reason, yet trying time and again to rehire some of the very same "incapable" contractors - would you accept to, say, lay down parquet for "The Donald" ?

I know, the answer is "Yes".

After all, it is the very same man since forever, and this didn't manage to turn him into a pauper (though, I suppose, this mostly shows that once you are big enough, being borderline incapable but greedy as hell still pays enough to keep growing).

However, it would be nice to see if his "prized" brand suffered any significative loss, in terms of value. 

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  1. I wondered for awhile - hoped! - that the presidency would be too much for him, and he'd abdicate. Very clearly it IS too much, but just as clearly, he's never figured out how to quit a thing unless he can frame it as a win.

    You would think that the gambler who KEEPS going "double or nothing" after every failure ought to wind up destitute in short order, but he clearly hasn't heard of that rule.


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