Tuesday, 9 October 2018

I like her

... sweet dreams are made of her ...

I like A.

She is a nice kid, solid with no wild dreams, but still with some dreams of a down-to-Earth nature - the salt of the Earth, they used to say in my language.

In my mind I can clearly see her in a takate kote, curled on the bed with the legs tied to the wall, high above her head, while I eat and frolick her cunt.

Unfortunately, I can also see her nice boobs well squeezed as she dangles from them, tied with ropes to another hook in the wall.

Much more unfortunately, I can't really see me asking her to play that way.

She doesn't give me the vibe that it may be in her chords - no pun intended.

It's just shit going on in my head, and it would be impolite to laden her thoughts with some of it.

- Sigh 
                 (long and hard)

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