Friday, 12 October 2018

What We Are in the Dark

From "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck", by Don Rosa

Here, Scrooge is still a duck in search of his luck, little more
than scraping by while he chases a "big affair" after the other.
He could just steal the opal and be rich
- nobody, but him, would know.

To troll or not to troll - this is [not] a question.

On-line life allows for a fair amount of [supposedly] anonimity and, as a consequence, of freedom from social pressure.

Apparently, for some this means the freedom to troll, to be the jerks that they cannot fully be in their off-line life.

If that is the way in which you consistently use the freedom afforded you by the technological miracle of Internet - consistently; we all have our three minutes of jerkiness - then I refer you to the title of this.

We are what we are in the dark, where the power of social pressure does not reach us and, apparently, you are a jerk.

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