Friday, 12 October 2018

What We Are in the Dark

From "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck", by Don Rosa

Here, Scrooge is still a duck in search of his luck, little more
than scraping by while he chases a "big affair" after the other.
He could just steal the opal and be rich
- nobody, but him, would know.

To troll or not to troll? - this is [not] a question.

On-line life [supposedly] allows for a fair amount of anonymity and, as a consequence, of freedom from social pressure.

Apparently, for some this means the freedom to troll, to be the jerks that they cannot fully be in their off-line life.

If that is the way in which you consistently use the freedom afforded you by the technological miracle of Internet - consistently; we all have our three minutes of jerkiness - then I refer you to the title of this.

We are what we are in the dark, where the power of social pressure does not reach us and, apparently, what you are is A Jerk.

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