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NCS - Non-Consensual Story, Part 3

This is a work of fiction. 

Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. 

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or real events is purely coincidental and, frankly, undesired on the author's part.

Third part of NCS - Non-Consensual Story, coming in after the aptly named NCS - Non-Consensual Story, part 2

If I have to interpret the curve of visits to this blog before and after I realized that I had published the second part  and finished it -, as a reaction to the fact that the guy breaks down at the end, I'd say that a lot of my readers are really naughty. 

I suspected it but, there is really someone that gets off from non-consensual S&M fantasies with a cruel, over-`powerful sadist? 

Sheesh, I hope that they are all bottoms - which would explain why the good stories are, really, told from the sub side, leaving the "dom" as a hastily sketched, cruel force of nature. 

To be fair, that's - effectively - a nice description of yours truly...

Kyla had lost almost half of her teeth - Josh continued to beat her every time that she refused a command, but he wasn't so brutal as he hoped to be. She knew that he was growing frustrated - with himself.

His long-planned introduction to vengeance had left him with no vengeance at all... rather, with a gnarly, ugly pleasure; A pleasure slowly increasing, each time she offered him an excuse to punish her.

Kyla realized that she had  lost the tempo to submit - by being defiant, she had really broke him. But what she had broke was "Gentle Josh", the guy that discussed with her composition technique, though he hardly had any useful clue on it. What she had been left with was, Josh the maniac, that kidnapped her for, she suspected, pretty horrible motives.

The gentleness was disappearing from the new Josh... leaving a nasty piece of work that enjoyed torturing her.

Soon he would realize that he was enjoying giving her pain - not just doing it to get her to submit, but enjoying her pain on its own.

That was a scary, scary thought, because she knew all too well how the stories ended, when criminals discovered that they cared for the pain of the victim more than for the victim..

Yet, all hope was not lost, yet. As long as he had to tend to her wounds, after his tantrums, he was not going to forget that she was a person, a woman that used to be his friend, Kyla.

The two sides were fighting inside him, that was clear - as long as this was going on, she was not in immediate danger - beyond the cumulating damages.

Should she fold, and submit to his will?

At least apparently? 

If he was real, about this just being a test before doing the same to his ex-wife, if he really believed so... the moment she folded, she would stop being a useful test, and he would have to look for a new test subject.

At that point, keeping her alive, or gutting and burying her somewhere, would become just a matter of personal taste and convenience, for Josh.

Folding may spare her physical pain, but get her killed in a matter of days -  she still hoped that he had let some dangling thread, that someone could pick up what he was doing.

She wasn't ready to let go any hope or illusion - anything to keep herself alive, really.

Josh thoughts were remarkably similar to those of Kyla - "I am not going to break her, this way."

He knew it... his choice of tortures were more damaging that demeaning; if things kept going this way, she was going to die way before she had a chance to give in.

He could almost feel the ball of stubbornness forming inside the little black woman.

Worse, he could feel parts of himself respecting her for it.  

"She is a bitch, a slut, a whore."

"She is a girl in an impossible situation, trying to keep her soul intact  as long as possible."

He couldn't keep having non-torture contacts with her... allowing her access to a medical kit was dangerous, but he couldn't continue to mend her either. There was the chance that he concluded that all this was a farce, and let her go. He needed to make more distance between them, so he needed someone to mend her for him.

Was there a nurse in any of his "Male Rage" acquaintances?

Could he trust anybody of them, anybody at all? He knew the answer - "not really".

Not the moment that they were outside the complex... having information on something like his current extra-curricular activities is the kind of leverage, in discussing things with the police, that most "players" only dream about.

And that solved things... he needed to look in another place, as he needed a nurse, but not really an accomplice. 

He toyed with an idea that he had entertained for a while before, using one of those electric collars , the kind that zaps animals if they run away from a transmitter, to jerry-build some comtrol hardware.

He realized why he didn't try to build one, before. A malfunction would have killed Kyla, before she gave him what he wanted.

- His mind carefully tiptoed around the concept, just to avoid spelling out what he really wanted from Kyla... at a deeper level, he knew that any chance of ever getting it was gone, the very moment he drugged her.

But her nurse, was of no consequence - should he kill her, he could just kidnap another one.

Of course, another kidnapping was a bother but, this time, things were going to be easier...

This was no proof-of-concept, no anticipation of what he was going to do with his ex-wife.

There was no reason at all to have any kind of relationship with the nurse.  She just had to be a surgical nurse, possibly a tiny woman - for personal tastes and practical reasons.

Her disappearance was going to cause some more noise than Kyla's but, as she was going to have no direct connection to him, it didn't matter that much.

As he thought this, he realised that he would have never gone on with his ex-wife kidnapping.

There simply was no way that the police wouldn't check on him with a magnifying lens, given how bitter had been their divorce, and his history of near complete existential crisis afterwards.

Even the stupidest detective in the world would have done so, and he doubted that the policemen were any worse at their jobs than anybody else is at his own.

They didn't need to be geniuses... they simply had aggregated experiences, to draw on; A nice little check on his financials and they'd pick the factory, recognised its tell signs and check it with geo-radars and the like.

For all he knew, if anything ever happened to his wife, it was still going to happen, unless he had some iron-clad alibi.

Why the fuck did he start this crap, then?

The answer flashed through his mind, then He forgot it almost as fast as it had come.

His wife was only the last woman to hurt him, but they all had to pay. Al the bitches and sluts.

"But Kyla is not a slut, although she was a whore for a short while."

To silence the mutinous parts of his mind, he concentrated on the issue of planning the new abduction.

  1. Choose his nurse
  2. Check her routine
  3. Find the place
  4. Build the definitive collar...

He continued, for a while - focusing on a task helped him. Then, revised the list, and moved building the collar to the top.

That night, the door of Kyla's cell opened briefly as he deposited a stool near the chained woman.

In its middle, the stool had an enormous ... thing, so oversized that it was grotesque.

His order was simple "Sit on it" - his voice, still, calm, almost dead.

A voice that Kyla had never heard.

She didn't resist, this time. The man she knew as Josh was almost gone, so she carefully avoided giving it another push. She wasn't sure what could replace him, if she did.  

But it was not going to be nice.

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