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Non Human Entities Active On Earth - Report

Confidential, For Eyes Only.

Object: Non Human Entities Active On Earth

This report is intended to integrate and supplement the Alien Activities Report and the Alien Activities Special Report.

Like the second, this report is devised solely for the necessities of The President of the United States, The Secretary of State, The Secretary of the Army, The Secretary of the Navy and other officers listed in NSPD-179.

If you received this document and are not listed in NSPD-179 as an authorized recipient, stop reading here and contact immediately the NSA Special Hazards office, to signal a protocol violation.



Contrarily to what publicly stated by the Anipos Legation offices, it is apparent that the alien invaders of Earth have long lost control of their army of self-replicating robots.

This would be a terrifying existential menace for human life, and the whole biosphere of our planet, if it did not appear that the reason the robots have declared their masters unfit to rule is - precisely - because the Anipos Army Staff directives resulted in an excessive loss of human lives, during the war.

It is evident that, while it still brings up a set of distinctively dangerous scenarios, a robot revolt motivated by the desire to avoid any human death is far from being the worst possible development.

The fact that the Robots do not accept their masters orders signifies, also, that a number of them are continuously operating incognito on Earth, against their masters' directives.

The new DARPA Gravimetric Interferometer Sensor of Sondheim Flats has been able to identify the gravity waves produced by  the Anipos Antigravity Systems, with a range proportional to the square root of the mass lifted by a system, multiplied for the acceleration provided by it.

Antigravity is mostly used for on-planet movements, and for up-lift and down-lift, in and out of the planet's gravity well.

Given the still limited sensibility of the G.I.S., Sondheim Flats data only represent a sample of the actual traffic, though some reasonable extrapolations allow to use it as a base to evaluate the actual Earth-Space traffic and the number and class of Robots operating on Earth.

From the available data it  has been inferred that at any moment, on Earth, there are at least  eight Robots  of the ten thousand tonnes class, fifty of the one thousand tonnes class, and up to 300 units in the 200 tonnes class .

This tonnage of battle steel is actually quite higher than the one deployed in active warfare.

Why so many robots spend so much time on Earth is a mystery, as it appears that most of them simply keeps loitering around their descent location, to then jump back to outer space at night, only to be replaced by other robots, often of a different class.

It was not possible to guess any strategic or tactical purpose in their behaviour, which leaves open the worrying possibility that they are, collectively, becoming senile or that we still lack some crucial data.

The sinking of the MiyuMaru research vessel - effectively, an illegal Japanese whaler - has finally confirmed the "Whale Queen" hypothesis.

A number of small - around 30, with a mass up to 1500 tonnes - Battle Robots has been hacked by what seem to be an incredibly clever environmental activist, identified as the Icelandish Corporal Ilene Johanssen. How this 20 years old with  light mental issues may have managed to do what the best effort of the NSA and all the Ciber-intelligence organizations of the planet couldn't, still defies any explanation, but it has become evident that she consider herself as the incarnation of the Great Whales' collective conscience.

We suggest that, whether or not this represent the truth, we consider  the Corporal Johanssen as an hostile alien power, not dissimilar from the Robots .

CIA assassination attempts, so far, have  managed only to show how limited human Counter-intelligence reveals itself, when the opponent is unhampered by human limits. While we commend our colleagues' efforts, we also recommend ceasing these actions, as Johanssen robotic body-guards have demonstrated to be not bound by the Main Robots restraints, in taking human lives.

The destruction of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, clearly showed the risk of continuing, down this route, in antagonizing what is likely the 2nd most powerful army on the planet, after the main Anipos Army.

For the purposes of this report, we have decided include the four Betan women on Earth among the non-human threats.

The Rand group has finally delivered the final report on their analysis on Bridget Monaghan samples and tissues, that the army managed to acquire and preserve during the war. Its conclusions present in a sinister light the Anipos authorities decision to NOT identify an repatriate the three missing sisters of the only super-heroine in service for Earth, and their decision to include a Betan woman in the personnel of their administrative services on-planet.

The key to the Betan`s superpowers seems to be their nuclear-powered mitochondria , endemic in all life forms on that planet.

The mechanisms that allows these mitochondria to directly convert mass in energy are well beyond our science and, as far as it was possible to ascertain, of that of any other human-settled planet.

However, it appears that these mitochondria started their life exactly like the ones in all the rest of the galaxy - as symbiotic bacteria.

And that they are prone to revert to their bacterial activity, when confronted with a not yet colonized host, first occupying the body, then entering the cells and slowly replacing part of the original mitochondria.

In all effects, the Betan superpowers act as an easily transmissible STD with a very long dormant phase,  which is the reason why the Anipos actually prohibit to Betans any access to their home system.

This may seem not a great danger.

"Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, Stronger than a Locomotive, Able to Jump Tall Buildings In A Single Bound" seems a lot better than "Kaposi Sarcomas spreading on all the body surface, extreme weight loss, diarrhoea, dehydration, renal failure, death", until  one considers the effect on society as a whole.

Even the most severe epidemics, like AIDS in Subsaharian Africa in 21st century, can only strain the social net. Affected individuals may be rejected by the rest of society, out of fear of contagion, but the collective needs of managing the illness will compensate it. Infected often try their best to contain the spread the contagion as much as the rest of the population. And the rejected individuals cannot destroy the rest of society, even when they wished to, as they needed its help.

All of which is inverted in a superpower epidemic.

In a superpowers epidemic, contagion is desired by many non infected and the infected feel no reason to take precautions. 

Infected individuals that have started to show significant sides effects feel, and behave, like superior beings.

Trying to isolate them only results in exacerbating their alienation and actively creates a desire for vengeance. As soon as they soon realize that they do not need a societal support to handle most physical needs, the likelihood that they proceed to exact their vengeance grows exponentially.

The not as much hidden as willingly forgotten history of the Beta colony highlights this... between the moments the infected had grown above the 2%, making the contagion manifest and forcing the authorities to actively try to stop its propagation, and the moment they were the majority, the colony became engulfed in a sanguinary sequence of coups and civil wars, with millions of deaths, and the destruction of almost every infrastructure.

Infrastructures that were never rebuilt, because the new, super-powered Betans felt little to no need for trains, aircrafts or even agriculture.

It is our opinion that the reason why the aliens have decided to leave four young, sexually active Betan women free to roam our world, is to replicate this dynamic on our planet.

The recommended course of action would be to identify and contain all the infected, starting with the four Betans, if it was at all possible.

The conditional is due, because it appears that the data released on the Galaxy net on the "Betan Riot Gun" were grossly distorted: the prototypes built by the Special Weapons Department of the FBI have proven completely ineffective against both Xanthippe Xeyos and her erstwhile lover, the former French DRM agent Marie Lasalle.

Whereas Ms. Xeyos limited herself to fly away, the not-flying Lasalle managed to escape capture by subduing handily every member of the covert ops team sent to apprehend her. The very fact that she managed to do so without the need of doing any bodily harm to any of them only highlights - once again - the limits of human forces when confronting post-human threats.

This has only been compelled by the  Bagley accident, were the 3/5 Darkhorse Marines Battalion has been completely destroyed by what we suspect is yet another non-human force at play on the planet

The entity named "Non-Human 4" has been identified analysing the movement patterns and actions of the other known non-human factions, and it was inferred that Bagley was a central node of its activities.

After the Lasalle fiasco, a decision was made to use a whole battalion of Marines with full battle gear, to subdue whatever may be found in the Entity nexus. The unit chosen had just completed the transition to the new Fully Robotized Heavy Armor Gear (FRHAG) and was, thus, the most powerfully armed tactical group available at the time.

Of the 998 men and women of the 3/5 Marines, only five women survived the ambush at the Farm at The Lake.

Their experience confirms that the entity that operated the farm is not aligned  with the other known Non-human threats, as its behaviour didn't collate with that of any the others.

This entity is a far greater and more immediate danger than any other alien threat, and investigation on its nature, goals and resources should take precedence over our efforts to contain the Betans or track the Robots.

 Neither of these seems to be actively planning to overthrow our civilization, the way this last entity is.


"Actively planning to overthrow our civilization" - the intruder smiled coldly - "isn't this a bit too harsh? I assure you, I do not give a fig about Earth's current civilization. I will simply create some of my owns, in due time."

The  shortish brute in leather jacket smiled again, sending shivers down Jane Mullet's spine.

The 63rd president of the United States of America, she had never thought to see a scene like this.

The oval office was littered by the bodies of the dead - the monster had been swift and merciless.

"If you think that killing me will achieve anything... " - she didn't continue; She had worked her whole life, to get there; At 55, admitting that her dream wasn't really worth anything was a bit too much, even for a callous cynic like Jane.

"I know, I know... the true form of the U.S. government nowadays is a hereditary bureaucracy, and the president is just a figurehead with severely reduced powers, whereas the congress is simply a battlefield for corporation lobbism. But, really, I'd hate to have to redo this in the kitchen of every CEO of the Corporate States of America, which is what you will graciously convey them, for me..."

The monster sighed, more bored than annoyed "... because, you know, even if I have some ten thousand bodies, I would rather employ them in better, more pleasant ways. But if I have to exterminate every single senator, general, CEO of this country - it would take me a month or so, but I will do it."

He scribbled five names on a piece of paper, that he gave her, telling her that those were the guy to talk about their current predicament.

The names didn't mean much for her - "Who are they?"

"The true owners of the seven corporations that control the whole media system in the U.S. -  if they decide so, a news just cease to exist. And I'd like to keep not existing."

"Do you want that I make pressure on them, to gag news about you?"
  that was preposterous.

"No, I'd like you agree with them over some plan. I already have convinced each of them... they just need to know that they are all on board."

The thing smiled, and was gone.

Jane finally managed to exit the office, and saw her assistant, Lindsay. What was left of her.

Lindsay was 28 and cute, and the monster had entertained itself with her.

The horror of the sight made Jane swear vengeance against  him.

"Your daughter will envy her, if you guys keep coming for me" - something whispered in her ear, probably a micro-drone.

And just like that, Jane knew it was true.

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